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Masala FX - Choregraphed by Samir Akika with Bangalore dancers
Artists perform Masala FX show, choreographed by Samir Akika, at the Indo-German Urban Mela Bangalore.  Pic © Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities Masala FX performance at the Indo-German Urban Mela Bangalore. Pic © Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities Audiences enjoy Masala FX show at the Indo-German Urban Mela Bangalore. Pic © Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities Masala FX choreographer Samir Akika. Pic © Nora Ronge Touch The Rain. Pic © Gabor Doleviczenyi Masala FX dancers in action. Pic © Goethe-Institut Dancers prepare for Masala FX. Pic © Goethe-Institut

BANGALORE30 Jun 2012

Venue Centre Stage at Indo-German Urban Mela, Grounds next to Bangalore Palace
Opening Time8:30 PM
Entry Free. All are welcome!
In collaboration with Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts

A word from Masala FX team

There you are / 
the never ever dreamed of / 
the shock of the unpredicted / 
like far away in the desert without water/ 
suddenly a big rock falls from the sky 

And then you will ask why? Why not a mango? Moments like this will happen again. The opposite of fear. Trying to touch the rain. Conversations on beaches in Goa. Playing Tetris in the streets with our bikes. Testing our patience in crowded buses. Contemplating the moon from a terrace while traffic slowly dissolves. Stamina like a diamond. Guess how much heat a human can take? The triumph of romance over all nonsense.

"Germany+India" gave  "Infinite Opportunities" to
15 performers, 3 musicians, 1 artist 
3 weeks, 3 places, 160 hours 
Cultural exchange is the heart of this project.
Gali, Neeru, Benki, Bhoomi and Shakti  are the ingredients of the Masala Effect. 
Expect the unexpected: Pretty hot water - MFX

Performance dates and timings:
June 22-23 at 7 p.m.
June 30 at 9 p.m.
Grand Finale on July 1 

Information on the artists:

Samir Akika (Choreographer)Samir Akika
Samir Akika is a choreographer, director and curator. Born in Algier and raised in a Paris suburb, he studied physics, mathematics and sports in Miami and Paris. He came into dance late in life and studied at the FolkwangHochschule in Essen. Since 1999, he has worked as a freelance dancer and choreographer with a close bond to the Theater imPumpenhaus in Münster. Apart from his acclaimed stage productions for adults he has executed projects with adolescents, some of which were in in close collaboration with the Goethe-Institute. In 2009 he recieved the SpitzenförderungTanz (promotion of excellence in dance) by the state of Northrhine-Westphalia. In the same year he founded the production label, Unusual Symptoms, together with his longtime production partner Alexandra Morales. 

His aesthetics have changed over the years. At first branded as the cinéaste among young, contemporary choreographers (because of his use of live video, dance and cinematic quotes), he has recently turned his attention towards western youth culture. He explores his topics through improvisation, discussions, questions, bodily "tasks" and games, and couples them with the biographies and everyday lives of the performers. Approaching his themes through the differing perspectives of the people involved, his method blends fact and fiction, as well as private and social issues. By obliterating the constraints of reality and fiction, Akika makes his works entertaining, sensual, delightfully meditative and, in a way, tragicomical.

Samir Akika is no stranger to Bangalore. His production E.T.E - Extended Teenage Era was one of the hits at the Attakkalari India Dance Biennial 2009. And more recently in February 2012, Samir was in Bangalore as part of the Urban Avantgarde project. He choreographed a slice of  Bangalorestreet life with Attakkalari dancers and Bang Bang was performed both at the Attakkalari Studio, as well as on the street at the Malleswaram 18th Cross Bus Stand.

Unusual Symptoms is a young, innovative and international production team founded by Alexandra Morales and Samir Akika. Artistically, the team realises its own stage productions, and also focuses on giving new talents the support they need to develop and realise their own ideas. As a production team Unusual Symptoms serves as a kind of network. It builds production structures for other dancers, actors, musicians, street artists and choreographers. Focusing on friendly companionship, a humane approach, as well as individual strength has always been a benchmark of their work.

Nora Ronge (Dance Coach)Choreographer Nora Ronge
Before and during her professional training at the Folkwang University, Nora Ronge worked with various choreographers like Felix Ruckert, ZoltanDani, Kuo Wu, Stephan Brinkmann and others. After her final performance at the University, Samir Akika selected her for his play "Globalost Sunday". After a year of freelancing, Nora Ronge received a contract for five years with the city theatres of Münster, under the director Daniel Goldin. Since 2009, back to reality and Samir Akika. Inseparable ever since.Nora was also in Bangalore in February 2012, for the Urban Avantgarde Project where she was part of the Bang Bang performance.

Gabor Doleviczenyi (Stage Designer)Pic © Gabor Doleviczenyi
Gabor Doleviczenyi is an artist and graffiti writer from Essen and is a longtime member of one of the most active graffiti crews in the Ruhrarea. A communication design graduate, he is a founding member of the art association, Port Association, which was awarded the title of "Essen's Best". Since 2007 he has led the artist platform, "Zinnober (www.zinnober-fassaden.de)" under which he made the largest mural (Over 1000 square meters) in Essen. His paintings and installation art have been part of several exhibitions in the Ruhr area and neighbouring countries. Since 2009 he works as a stage designer with Samir Akika and Unusual Symptoms. Along with Robert Kaltenhäuser, Gabor led a graffiti workshop titled: The City Coloured at the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan in 2010. Gabor was also a part of Urban Avantgarde in February 2012 and has left his artistic mark on several walls in Malleswaram and on one memorable BMTC bus as well!

Martin Basman 
Martin Basman, who is responsible for the sound of MASALA FX was born in 1989 in Hamburg. He has collaborated earlier with Samir Akika in Welle.Kultur.Asphalt and Young & Furious.

Amaresha K. 
Anindita Ghosh
Charan C.S
Deepak KurkiShivaswamy
Priyam Bose
Santhosh V.S.
Sylvester Mardi

Martin Basman



Contact details of artist:
Samir Akika, Unusual Symptoms