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Mela tours by the Artist
Markus Heinsdorff leads a group at the Mela
Between the 22nd of June till the 1st of July, 2012, Markus Heinsdorff offers an exclusive insight into the artistic concept that lies behind his Urban Mela Pavilion design.

The work of internationally renowned architect and installation artist Markus Heinsdorff is characterised by his artistic exploration of spaces and nature.

During his travels around the world, he continually seeks ways to incorporate the potential and possibilities of nature into his design.

Trained as a goldsmith and sculptor in Southern Germany, Markus Heinsdorff has become an internationally acclaimed artist, winning several awards for his works that link design, art and architecture, together with technical innovations.

Since 1997, he has focused much of his work on bamboo. For the three-year event series ‘Germany and China – Moving ahead together’, Markus Heinsdorff designed numerous bamboo pavilions that were showcased in several major cities around China, culminating in the German-Chinese House for the Expo Shanghai 2010.

The stunning multi-functional pavilions that form the Indo-German Urban Mela were conceptualised by Markus Heinsdorff as well. His design combines India’s rich textile legacy with state of the art technology.

Precious gems and stones, together with traditional Indian shapes and patterns, have provided inspiration for the layout and colour of the pavilions with gold, copper, diamond and sapphire, all key to the aesthetics of the structures.

Constructed by specialist Indian companies in Delhi and Mumbai, the pavilions are made out of recycled steel tubing covered with state of the art membranes. The sustainability and environmental impact were of great importance in the planning and construction of the pavilions, with materials selected being eco-friendly and easy to repair.

The Indo-German Urban Mela is symbolic of a “discourse between the two cultures” and Markus Heinsdorff, with his acute cultural and artistic sensibilities, has created a perfect amalgamation of India and Germany through his pavilions.