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CHENNAI25 Aug 2012

Venue Goethe Studio, YMCA College of Physical Education, Nandanam, No.333, Anna Salai
Opening Time4:00 PM
Entry Free. All are welcome!
F is for Fractured Fairytales

An advocate for reading and literacy, Praba Ram conducts story-time programmes at preschools and libraries in her community. She is the founder of the project Saffron Tree, an award-winning website dedicated to reviewing children's books from India and the US, particularly with a strong multi-cultural thrust.

In her workshop "F is for Fractured Fairytales", Praba will guide you into the magic world of German fairy tales. You might think you know the tale of Rapunzel or the Frog Prince inside out, but actually with Praba, things will work out a little different.

The only thing you can be sure about is to hear the familiar beginning of German tales, "Once upon a time…", but for all the rest of it you better join Praba and find out yourself! Let her take you into a world full of surprises, where the princess might turn into a frog herself and live a happy life with her prince in a muddy pond in the castles garden! And they lived happily ever after?

Who knows, with Praba everything is possible…

On November 13, 2011, on the eve of Children’s Day in India, the first model library for children and youth was launched in Chennai. The Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan and "The HippocampusChildren’s Company" had instituted a partnership to create a model public library for children, which will enable younger generations to access knowledge and discover the pleasure of reading in an enjoyable environment.