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Rock the Mela

NEW DELHI01 Nov 2012

Venue Centre stage, The Indraprastha "Millennium" Park,

Gate No. 1, Ring Road, Sarai Kale Khan
Opening Time6:00 PM
Entry Free Entry. All are welcome!

Watch four of the best college bands - The Incredible MindFunk, The Doppler Effect, Five8, This,That - from Delhi come together and perform a range of original and cover songs. The young bands with next generation of stars will rock the stage with their performances. The band Five8 will also hold an interactive session only with the other bands, sharing their experience over the years. 

THE INCREDIBLE MINDFUNK: Delhi/Gurgaon based project with Funk/Rock/Jazz/Psychedelic as their genres. Though they are new to the circuit, they are keen to take their band to the next level. The idea had been floating around for a while with Siddhant Agarwal (Guitars), Amar Pandey (Bass) and Ranajoy Das (Drums), jamming occasionally. And they wanted to take it a step further, thus bringing on Amira Gill (Vocals) to complete the lineup. 

THE DOPPLER EFFECT: Their music ranges from Progressive, Funk, Metal, Disco, Latin to Ambient. They have a powerhouse of drummer (Suyash Gabriel), a prodigious vocalist (Sherry Mathews ) with a soaring range, a talented guitarist (Ashwin Nayar ) and a bassist (Akshay Johar ) who'll leave you in love with his 'bass face'. This band is an aural treat that will leave you grinning, gaping and gasping at the same time.

FIVE8: Created in 2005, the Pop/Funk band Five8 has influences ranging from glam rock to soul, and progressive music to pop. The band members Adhir Ghosh (Guitars), Aveleon Vaz (Drums), Steve Peter( Bass), Robin Mathew (Vocals) & Shiv Ahuja (Keyboards) decided to take the band forward professionally in 2008. The veterans in the college circuit, they released their first EP in 2010.

THIS, THAT: A progressive funk, experimental project. Jannabi Das & Prabhtoj Singh mix melodies, Ashwin Krishnan guides the 'paint-brush' with his keys, Aman Sagar experiments with the colors and Akshay Deokuliar & Danik Ghosh are the canvas on which everything is set, drums and bass, respectively. They will also take to the stage with an exciting sound that explores a wide range of soundscapes.