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Music Workshop by Rico Loop

PUNE12 Jan 2013 to 15 Jan 2013

Venue Cultural Pavilion, Deccan College Ground, Deccan College Road, Yerawada
Opening Time4:30 PM
Entry All are welcome. Limited seats
Innovate, experiment and create! Make your voice your percussion instrument. Learn to loop (to record a segment of music that repeats in a loop.

Popularly referred to as the One Man Jam, Rico Loop comes to the Indo German Mela to conduct a workshop on music. This spontaneous workshop will demonstrates how participant can record music layer by layer to create complex musical ideas on the spot.

Rico creates musical compositions using many different instruments and objects, including guitar, bass, keyboard, melodica, harmonica, and glass bottles, along with his voice (singing and mouth percussion, or beat-boxing). He plays and records a segment of music, which then repeats continuously. He can then play another segment of music and layer it on top of the previous one. With each layer the composition becomes more complex. This is a new technique of live-producing, teaching the audience how music is compiled and arranged, and exploring how rhythms and melodies interact.
Information about the artist

Rico Diessner was born in Dresden, East Germany on September 21, 1968. He grew up in both East and West Berlin, and since that time he has traveled extensively and led a diverse and spontaneous life. He draws on his life experiences to create his expressive and worldly music, which can be heard and seen during his energetic performances. At a young age Rico gained much inspiration from his father, a bass guitarist for a well known band in East Germany. His early musical education started with piano lessons, but soon he was writing his own songs and at the age of fifteen joined a school band as a pianist. Motivated by the other musicians he learned to play several kinds of instruments, and soon discovered that making music is more than just technical skill. To him it was a language of the heart, where 'feeling' an instrument and building intimacy and connection between the music and listeners is paramount.

In 2004 Rico discovered the LOOP STATION and introduced his most recent project, 'RICOLOOP', where he uses his talents as a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and improviser to create unique musical compositions by himself. Rico performs almost daily and has had concerts around Europe, including the Roskilde Festival, the Kongsberg Jazz Festival in Norway, and the Fusion Festival in Germany.

Website: Rico Loop

Youtube: Rico Loop's channel