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Eastern Flowers Concert

KOLKATA09 Dec 2011 Click to view details

Venue Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, 8 Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata - 700019
Opening Time6:30 PM

NEW DELHI11 Dec 2011 Click to view details

Venue Kamani Auditorium, 1, Copernicus Marg, Delhi -110001
Opening Time8:00 PM
Entry Tickets for Jazz Utsav of INR 300/500 are available at Steakhouse, Jorbagh Market at Flipside café in Hauz Khas Village from the 29th of November and will also be available at the venue

MUMBAI15 Dec 2011 Click to view details

Venue Experimental Theatre/ National Center of the Performing Arts, Mumbai

BANGALORE16 Dec 2011 Click to view details

Venue B-Flat, 776, 100 Foot Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore - 560038
Opening Time9:00 PM
Entry Gates open at 7.00 P.M ; Concert begins at 9.00 P.M - Entry as per Club rules – Please Contact B-Flat: 25278361

CHENNAI18 Dec 2011 Click to view details

Venue Sivagami Petachi Auditorium, Festival 'Universe of Sound', 179 Luz Church Road, Mylapore, Chennai - 400004
Opening Time9:30 AM
Entry Open for Public (No passes required for the entry)
Jarry Singla, Christian Raymond & Ramesh Shotham in concert

The project is centred around the “Eastern Flowers” Jazz trio, which was founded one and a half years back. The individual members of the combo each have an Indian as well as a German personal background: String bass player Christian Raymond and piano player Jarry Singla both are of German-Indian descent, having been born and raised in North-Rhine Westphalia. The trio is completed by renowned percussionist Ramesh Shotham from Chennai, who has been living in Europe since the early 80s and is now based in Cologne.

The music resulting from the collaboration of the three makes South-Indian drum expressions of Konakol coexist with Western European polyphony or driving rhythms of American Jazz and fuses numerous instruments of Indian cultural descent with the sounds of string bass and (primed) piano. It furthermore ventures to explore various cultural areas such as the Ukraine, Japan and Morocco.




 Jarry Singla              

 Piano, Prepared Piano, Indian Harmonium, Compositions, Arrangements

 Ramesh Shotham           

 Ghatam, Dholak, Kanjira, Cajatom, Voice (Konakol)

 Christian Ramond


Information on the Artist(s)

Jarry Singla : The pianist and composer Jarry Singla, who is now based in Cologne, has always been open to even the most different music cultures. It has been the focal point of his work for quite sometime. Having spent several years in Mexico City and New York he had had the opportunity to meet numerable musicians from all over the world.

Compositions for his ensemble with the extraordinary saxophonist Julian Argüelles, for the jazz piano trio and for the Symphony orchestra belong to his repertoire. Together with the group “Borderland” lead by the Ukrainian singer Mariana Sadovska he was honoured with the Creole Prize for World music  in NRW“. He is also a member of the Iraqi composer and singer Saad Thamir’s ensemble “Lagash”

CD released: • "blumenbein" (JazzHausMusik)  •  "Planetarium" (Shaa-Music)  •  "Daji Tulaji" (AO-NRW)


Ramesh Shotham : Ramesh Shotham is one of the most renowned South-Indian musicians living in Europe. His name appears regularly in connection with projects and his repertoire expands way beyond the boundaries the Indian music tradition, where time and again big names from the field of music figure, like Rabih Abou Khalil, Carla Bley, Steve Coleman or Steve Swallow. Since the mid seventies he has be experimenting intensively with “Tavil” - the traditional south Indian temple music drum. He has also studied the classical percussion instruments under the guidance of Professor T.A.S. Mani at Karnataka College of Percussion in Bangalore. In the last 20 years he has recorded 150 LPs and CDs and has worked for all leading broadcasting companies in Germany and Europe. 


Christian Ramond : The contrabassist Christian Ramond, who lives in Cologne has worked world wide with Joe Pass, Albert Mangelsdorff, Philipp Catherine, Tomasz Stanko, Charlie Mariano, Kenny Wheeler and Lee Konitz. He has participated in numerous TV, Radio and theatre productions. Some of his recent projects include „Theo-Jörgensmann- Ouartett“, „D.R.A. “(with Christopher Dell und Felix Astor) and the „Engstfeld-Weiss-Quartett“.