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NEW DELHI31 Oct 2012 to 04 Nov 2012 Click to view details

Venue The Gati Dance Forum, Khirki Extension

Max Mueller Bhavan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg
Entry Ticketed Entry. For schedule and details, please visit http://www.gatidance.com/
Festival of Contemporary Dance 2012

The main focus of IGNITE! is to fuel a discourse about contemporary dance practice in India. Comprised of Performances, Master classes, Seminars and Interactions, this festival will showcase innovations in dance by choreographers from across India alongside parallel explorations from other international dance traditions. In doing so, IGNITE! proposes to locate new developments in Indian dance that seek to push or reconfigure the boundaries of traditional movement systems within the context of recent global developments in the field of contemporary dance.

Given the historical differences between dance traditions from India and other parts of Asia, on the one hand, and Europe, on the other, we believe that such an interaction will highlight issues central to dance creation and propel future explorations in dance in pertinent and exciting directions. This 4-day festival will provide a much-needed platform for showcasing high-quality contemporary dance.



The adopted festival format will comprise of:

1. Full Length evening performances by established companies and choreographers

2. Matinee performances of shorter works by emerging artists

3. Master classes conducted for professionals and students in the city

4. Seminars, workshops and ‘meet the artist’ sessions

5. A ‘Festival Hub’, where dance films, books and festival merchandise will be made

accessible in an informal café environment

6. Screen Dance Exhibitions in urban spaces

Information on the Artist(s)
The Gati Dance Forum is a Delhi-based organisation that works to support, facilitate and promote emerging artists working in the field of dance. Formed in 2007, this forum emerged from an acutely felt need by independent dancers in the city for a space for interaction, exchange and interrogation with respect to their work processes and creative concerns.

From the very first meetings it became clear that several dance practitioners, both emerging and established, felt isolated and their efforts dispersed. They urgently required not only a supportive community but also a context in which to situate their work and allow it to grow. Gati’s objectives arose directly from these needs. Its activities are directed towards:  

-       Creating opportunities for emerging artists to acquire knowledge of and experience in movement techniques, choreographic and performance skills

-       Creating a space for interaction, exchange and interrogation with respect to dancers’ work processes and creative concerns  

 -       Providing a supportive environment for assisting the development of work through peer-oriented feedback

 -       Creating an information and support network for easy access to information about dance related services and opportunities

 -       Documenting and archiving artistic practices of emerging and established practitioners with a special focus on the evolution of new languages through innovation and experimentation in the context of existing dance practices in India

 -       Encouraging fresh critical writing on dance that reflects the contemporary concerns and paradigms of dance creation and performance   

-       Building a resource library of textual and visual material on dance  

 -       Providing resources such as subsidized rehearsal space, library access and technical equipment to dance professionals.   

 A not-for-profit Public Charitable Trust, The Gati Dance Forum is both conceived of and run by dancers. Inputs and suggestions from the dance community feed directly into its functioning.  

The opening performance of Ignite! Festival of Contemporary Dance, MeiDhwani, is a moving dance production that explores the urban Indian experience using iconography, sound, colour and light to deliver a sensuous and passionate performance.