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SAP TechEd Bangalore
Keynote by Boardmember Vishal Sikka Employees on the Demonstration pods Participations on the venue ground Presentation of newest technologies

BANGALORE19 Oct 2011 to 21 Oct 2011 Click to view details

Venue KTPO Trade Center, Plot No.121, Export Promotion Industrial Park, Bangalore - 560 048
Entry Via Registration.

SAP TechEd is the essential technical training and networking conference for IT professionals who develop, implement, optimize, and upgrade SAP systems. All the members of the workshop learn in an interactive environment directly from the experts who develop cutting edge technologies at SAP. This year, a special focus is on solutions with sustainability, smart meters and smart grid.

Participants get a chance to learn and grasp immensely during the hundreds of sessions and by the end of the workshop, they will confidently boast of the knowledge and know how of the best practices, trips and tricks and the newest development in this area.

These workshops have especially been designed for everyone - from beginners to experts.