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Architecture Contest
Human Space – Cultural Space Architecture Contest

CHENNAI29 Nov 2011 to 08 Mar 2012 Click to view details

Venue Goethe-Institut Auditorium, 4, Rutland Gate, 5th Street, Chennai - 600006
Architecture Contest for a Metro Rapid Transfer Station

The Goethe Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan, Chennai in collaboration with the School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, the Habitat Forum Berlin and Chennai City Connect is pleased to announce an idea competition for an MRTS station in the city of Chennai within the context of the theme of ‘Human Space - Cultural Space'.

Who can participate?

The competition is open to students and recent graduates from Schools of Architecture in Tamil Nadu, the University of Technology Berlin and its Indian partners.

Three winning entries will be selected by a jury and prizes awarded during a symposium to be held in March 2012.

The Challenge and Objective

The MRTS stations have had several challenges from the very start of the transit system's conception. The alignment was based more on access to available land rather than a study of the requirement of the commuters. Being isolated in many cases from the surrounding context and its commercial potential, the huge structures of the MRTS stations are seen as ill-fitting entities in their respective neighborhood.

The objective of the competition is to examine one station closely. For example, in case of the Light House, in order to suggest opportunities to transform the building and its surrounding context. Situated in the heart of the city, this station provides easy access to several educational and commercial places, in addition to being fairly close to the beach.  On account of the limited access to the surroundings, however, the Lighthouse Station is utilized to a very small percentage of its potential.

Through this design/ redevelopment project we would like to encourage students, young architects and urban designers to research, dream, and speculate about the MTRS and its future. If we have the flexibility of looking beyond bureaucratic boundaries that limit the work between one government agency and another, we may be able to conceive of a design that can comprehensively address not only the obvious transit issue, but also create a purpose for the large structure that is already built, which can in turn serve the community it is in.

There are endless possibilities; it is up to the participants to propose creative, provocative, relevant, and well-researched architectural and urban design ideas for the station and to show how the different agencies in the city might work hand-in-hand to achieve mutual benefits.

Fill the form here - http://cms.goethe.de/mmo/priv/8509333-STANDARD.pdf

Please send your registration form to: hscs2012@gmail.com