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Lecture Series: 'Talk of the town' - SEE – ACT - BUILD
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BANGALORE09 Feb 2012 Click to view details

Venue Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, 716 CMH Road, Indiranagar 1st Stage, Bangalore - 560038
Opening Time6:30 PM
Entry Free Entry. All are welcome!

BANGALORE29 Mar 2012 Click to view details

Venue Lecture 2: 'ACT'

BANGALORE07 Jun 2012 Click to view details

Venue Lecture 3: BUILD, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, 716 CMH Road, Indiranagar 1st Stage, Bangalore - 560038
Opening Time6:00 PM
Entry Free Entry. All are welcome!

Lecture Three: BUILD

The Lecture Series, under the banner of the year of Germany and India 2011 - 2012: Infinite Opportunities, is organised around the themes of ‘SEE’, 'ACT' and 'BUILD' respectively, to critically address various issues related to urban transformation in India in applied and innovative ways.

The third lecture: BUILD, will focus on the processes and politics of the built fabric of contemporary cities – addressing the current realities in Bangalore and also radically new ideas and methods for building cities. The discussion will focus on how specific ways of 'building' or 'designing' a city can create or dismantle urban hierarchies, and also what new possibilities and methods (or involving new actors in the process) of ‘building’ can be relevant for the ongoing urban expansion in India.

The first lecture ‘SEE’ began with Richard Saul Wurman’s famous call for “making the city observable”, to interrogate different practices of seeing the city through cartography and other visual means and how those shape our everyday urban experiences and decisions. The second lecture ‘ACT’ gathered urban practitioners and actors to discuss and compare various strategies and tactics undertaken by them to intervene in city processes.

Programme, 7th June 2012

6.00 p.m.         Opening

6.20 p.m.         Welcome

  •  Christoph Bertrams, Director, Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore
  •  Tile von Damm, MOD Institute Bangalore/Berlin

6.30 p.m.         Lecture

  • Kamal Sagar, Principal Architect and Director, Total Environment, Bangalore
  • Christoph Fischer, Principal Planner at Höhler+Partner, Architects and Engineers, Hamburg
  • V. Naresh Narasimhan, Venkataramanan Associates, Bangalore

Moderator: Vijay Nanapatti, MayaPRAXIS, Bangalore


8.30 p.m.         End


Christoph Fischer

Christoph Fischer is principal planner at Höhler+Partner, Architects and Engineers in Hamburg. Recently assigned as a project manager with the implementation of the new building for the Spiegel Group in Hamburg, Hafen City, he currently also occupies an advisory capacity and is principal architect to project developments for Hoehler+Partner LLC in Oman. Visits to the Middle East and India over the past years led to increased engagement with urban parameters and megacities; which i.e. results in greycharts.net, an exhibition and lectures about mechanism in Indian urbanism, in Hamburg 2009. Graduating in architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich 1996, he always invested in interactive skills and tasks, in addition to his activities as planning architect. Before 2010, he participated in the 1st Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, was a guest lecturer in Japan at the Iwamiawa Art Camp, exhibited at the 2nd Artgenda Biennale Stockholm and curated various projects at the Hamburger Architektursommer and at WestWerk, an off-space in Hamburg. Since 2003 he has been carrying out interdisciplinary projects with the Hamburger artist Michael Doerner.

V. Naresh Narasimhan

V. Naresh Narasimhan is Managing Partner of Venkataramanan Associates (VA), a renowned 40-year-old architecture firm based in Bangalore. He graduated in Architecture from the Manipal Institute of Technology,  with further education in Project Appraisal and Risk Management from Harvard. Naresh has led the expansion of VA into diversified markets with particular strengths in research and development, specialised manufacturing, IT business parks, public and institutional buildings, corporate offices and realty. With a sound understanding of global trends in project planning, architectural design, urban design, and infrastructure within a sustainable framework, Naresh also has a keen interest in design theory, economic modeling and information systems. 

A Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects , as well as a Founder-Member of the Bangalore Agenda Task Force (BATF), a public-private initiative to address the problems  of Bangalore’s infrastructure, he advises urban government agencies on infrastructure development and is also Director of Janaadhaar, a Bangalore- based social housing company.

Kamal Sagar

Kamal Sagar graduated with a degree in Architecture from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, 1992, and worked for four years in India and the United States before starting Total Environment, in 1996. At Total Environment, he has designed and built around 1.5 million square feet of high quality space in Bangalore and Pune.

 He  has won several  awards for both Architectural Design as well as Development, including:

• Outstanding Concrete Structure, 2011, from ICIPC, Birla Super, for “Orange Blossom Special”

• Best Luxury Residential Project, South India, 2011, from Zee Business - RICS Real Estate Awards, for “Windmills of Your Mind”

• Best Architecture - Asia Pacific Region, 2009 from CNBC, for “Windmills of Your Mind”

• Best Residential Development, India, 2009 from CNBC, for “Windmills of Your Mind”

• Habitat Award for Apartment Planning, 2005 from A+D Spectrum Foundation – for “Time”

• Habitat Award for Apartment Planning, 2003 from A+D Spectrum Foundation – for “The Good  Earth”

• Best Group Housing Project – from JK Cements – Architect of the Year Awards, 2002, for “The Good Earth”

Vijay Nanapatti

Since  2001 Vijay Nanapatti has been Partner at mayaPRAXIS, Bangalore, a ten-person architectural practice. Prior to that he worked in the United States, i.e for SMWM, San Francisco and AP+I Design, Inc., Santa Clara. He has a Masters in History and Theory of Architecture from the College of DAAP, University of Cincinnati, Ohio (MS Arch in 1998) and did his Bachelors in Architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture,  New Delhi (B Arch in 1994).

His firm has won several awards, including:

• Architect of the Year – Public Buildings, 2011, 21st Architect of the Year Awards, JK Cement Awards Foundation

• Sustainable Design of the Year – Runner up, 2011 Aces of Spaces Awards, Architecture and Interiors, ITP Publishing and Century Ply

• Zonal Award - Best Architecture + Interior Design, 2008, South Zone  India, Indian Institute of Interior Design, 2009

• Young Enthused Architect of the Year 2007, India, A+D Spectrum Foundation Awards

• Young Designer 2007, India, Indian Architect & Builder Magazine

• Young  Architect of the Year 2006, India, 16th Architect of the Year Awards, JK Cement Awards Foundation

• Commendation Award for Best Private Residence in India


About Lecture One and Two

Dr. Solomon Benjamin & Prof. Jörg Stollmann speak at the 1st Talk of the Town Lecture, presented in collaboration with MOD Institute, to thematise in interdisciplinary and application-oriented view strategies, ideas and methods for urban development in Bangalore.

Taking the theme of the on-going 'Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities' –  ‘StadtRäume – CitySpaces’ – as a conceptual framework, the events will facilitate and advance interdisciplinary and applied discussions reflecting on visions, strategies and methods for urban development in Bangalore. The fundamental approach of the series is the question - how urban space as a creative and collective entity can be made visible and thus accessible to the people of the city, without compromising appreciation for the diversity and the complexity of the city concerned.

Designed with a bottom-up and inclusive approach to reflect the diversity and complexity of the metropolis concerned, the thematic focus of each of these events will be respectively - SEE, ACT and BUILD.

Lecture One: 'SEE'

The first lecture on February 9, 2012, has a panel of two speakers:

  • Dr. Solomon Benjamin, Manipal School of Architecture and Planning and
  • Prof. Jörg Stollmann, Technical University Berlin & Urbaninform, Zürich
  • Moderation: Zainab Bawa, Centre for the Study of Culture and Society, Bangalore

The second lecture will gather a number of urban practitioners and actors from Bangalore to discuss and compare various strategies and tactics undertaken by them to intervene in city processes.

The third lecture will focus on the processes and politics of the built fabric of contemporary cities addressing the current realities in Bangalore and also radically new ideas and methods for building cities. Dates for the next two lectures will be announced shortly.



Lecture Two: 'ACT'

The second lecture on March 29, 2012 will gather a number of urban practitioners and actors from Bangalore to discuss and compare various strategies and tactics undertaken by them to intervene in city processes

Urban Signature: Apartment Buildings | © MOD Institute

Urban simplicity in everyday life | © MOD Institute

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Information on the Artists

Solomon Benjamin

Solomon Benjamin is an Urbanist operating out of Bangalore; Faculty at the Manipal School of Architecture and Planning, and a Senior Research Associate with the French Institute, Pondicherry. Solomon is associated with a project called 'City as Studio' of the SARAI- Cybermohalla and his research looks at how land based territorialization shapes the globalization of cities and towns, where politics joins economy and land. He is also interested in connections between Indian and Chinese urbanism. Benjamin has published in journals like the SARAI reader, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (IJURR), Environment and Urbanization (E+U), GeoForum, as well as European journals with articles in international languages such as - French, German and Spanish. He has a Ph.D from Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Department of Urban Studies and Planning.

Jörg Stollmann

Jörg Stollmann is co-founder of 'urbaninform' and an architect and urban designer based in Zurich. His practice ranges from design projects to urban research and curatorial work. He was educated at the University of the Arts Berlin and Princeton University. He has also taught at the University of the Arts Berlin, ETH Zurich and Technical University Berlin and is currently Professor for Architecture and Urban Design at the Technical University Berlin. He has cooperated with the artist Ines Schaber and was principal of INSTANT Architects with Dirk Hebel from 2002-2008. In 2008, he founded urbaninform with Rainer Hehl.

www.urbaninform.net is an online tool for sustainable urban growth negotiating administrative planning and civil society engagement. Supported by a non-profit association, urbaninform.net is a platform for best practice projects aiming at alternative social business models, green business and goo urban governance initiatives. In cooperation with onepointfive, urbaninform.net provides project sponsoring.

Zainab Bawa

Zainab Bawa is a Ph.D scholar at the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society, Bangalore. Her thesis is titled “Politics and Economy in Contemporary Indian Cities” wherein she investigates the emerging role of property, property rights and property markets in the Indian metropolises, and how changing regulations, regimes and property relations are transforming the landscape of politics and economy in these large cities.

Zainab Bawa also works as an independent researcher on the diverse issues of governance, society, technology and politics. She initiated research on 'Nemmadi kiosks' in association with Servelots, Bangalore and Dr. Bhuvaneswari Raman under the aegis of the SIRCA grant awarded by the IDRC (Canada) and NTU (Singapore). She has also been associated with the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) where she is writing a monograph on the history of transparency, politics and information technologies in India. Between 2008 and 2009, Zainab was involved with the Centre de Sciences Humaines (CSH) on the India-South Africa three city comparative project.

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'CitySpaces - StadtRäume' is the Thematic Focus of the year of Germany in India