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Increasing Effectiveness of Vocational Education in India and Germany

NEW DELHI13 Feb 2012 to 16 Feb 2012 Click to view details

Venue The German House, 2, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021
Opening Time9:30 AM
Entry By Invitation Only

The main objective of the workshop is to understand and assess the effectiveness of VET in India and Germany as well as to debate about the ways to seek improvements through cooperation with the German System of Vocational Education.

Effectiveness should not be restricted on human capital models. In that context, India and Germany must necessarily have a more detailed modeling based on the analytical framework. This will be a multi-perspective oriented model that could be successfully applied at EU level (Berger / Pilz 2009). This model is based on four levels of perspective: Benefits of companies, social and public benefit, economic benefit, benefits for individual participants. These four levels will be discussed in the workshop and further adjusted for a comparison VET situation in Indian and German situation. Thus the basis is laid for research methodology for subsequent wide investigations. Furthermore, conclusions derived out of such investigations will lead to applicable recommendations in the context of mutual learning.