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Photography Exhibition

CHENNAI27 Feb 2012 to 02 Mar 2012 Click to view details

Venue Goethe - Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan, 4, Rutland Gate, 5th Street, Chennai - 600 006
Opening Time10:00 AM
Entry Open for Public. Entry Free. (Inauguration: 27th Feb at 6:30 pm. Visiting hours of the exhibition: 10:00 am to 05:00 pm)

Perfect beauty, radical perspectives: The photo exhibition '125 Auto Motifs' demonstrates and explains the fascination of cars

Our fascination with cars is difficult to grasp. Design, lifestyle or a passion for technology - all play a role, and yet everyone associates something else with the invention that first emerged 125 years ago and has been unstoppable ever since. This is impressively documented in an exceptional exhibition of photographs at Fachsenfeld Castle near Aalen. At the exhibition “125 Auto-Motive” visitors can view photographs by top international photographers which take a surprising, radical and occasionally challenging look at cars. In the many events being held in 2011 -  to mark the grand automotive anniversary this exhibition truly stands out.

The perpetually changing design of automobiles is a world unto itself. But what exactly is it that fascinates us so much about the lines, shapes and colours of cars? Many of the images at the “125 Auto-Motive” exhibition provide speculative answers and make one thing clear: car design has long since become a distinctive, highly complex art form.

Photographs by masters such as Günther Raupp, Frank M. Orel and René Staud appear unreal in their beauty: their presentations of the external shell are almost even more impressive than the real car. Using radical contrasts in lighting, shade and back lighting, they show a futuristic, breathtakingly detailed world of glass, chrome and metal. There is no more beautiful and compelling way to portray the automobile.

Watch the Trailer of the “125 Auto-Motive” exhibition Here

Obsession and Love

The “125 Auto-Motive” exhibition has more than just beauty and design. An impressive photo series by the fritzclassics group of artists shows the spare parts stores and garages of collectors. Mountains of bonnets, headlamps and engine parts are piled up in ugly heaps. These are impressively chaotic scenes which hint at the degree of obsession and the incredible amount of painstaking work many collectors dedicate to their hobby.

An equally unusual viewpoint of this subject is offered by a series of photos by Daniel Schludi. He shows cars by the side of roads, all covered with tarpaulins. In the end, we all seem to behave the same way when it comes down to our love for our treasured autos.

From Scrap Collectors to Formula One

Do our cars end up looking like us after a few years? The curious pictures by Friedrun Reinhold appear to indicate that they do. He precisely positions monochrome portraits of people over the fronts of their cars. The emotional bond they have with their car, their fascination appears tangible in the close-up shots of the faces. The images taken by the Reinhard dynasty of photographers show that this passion and enthusiasm can even infect several generations of artists: visitors see pictures by the grandfather, father and son. They reveal just how radically the world of car racing has changed: from bizarre scrap collectors by the roadside after a crash in the 1950s to the high tech world of Formula One racing in our day and age.

A Travelling Exhibition

Twenty five photographs from the exhibition, which has its base venue at the Castle Fachsenfeld in Germany, will go on tour in a travelling exhibition, stopping at locations of the sponsor LMT and their alliance partners worldwide.

From 27th February to 2nd March the travelling exhibition will be shown at the Goethe – Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Auditorium in Chennai.

A very special experience

This is a fabulous and unmissable exhibition for anyone interested in cars and photography. Creatively composed auto-scans, prototypes of the kind commonly seen in science fiction films, amazing views of the floorpans of cars – “125 Auto-Motive” offers a completely new look at a topic that entrances and inspires people all over the world, and at the same time allows viewers to experience 125 years in the history of freedom, speed and perfection.

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