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'International Cooperation and Global Governance: Challenges & Road Map'

NEW DELHI04 May 2012 Click to view details

Venue Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), B-21, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi-16.
Opening Time9:30 AM
Entry Entry by Invitation only.
A conference by MGG Alumni and Partners, India

The MGG program entails a long term (6 months) training in Germany and other EU Nations on 'Managing Global Governance' . The training is offered to mid-level professional and experts from various organizations, Government, NGOs and academicians.  So far, there have been 9 batches of participants (each batch having 3-5 representatives from different organizations) from India.  Besides training, there is a continuos engagement of MGG team with organizations from where the participants travel. This partner network and resource team contributes in shaping and reviewing the MGG training programs. 

To maintain a network amongst the past & future participants and partner organizations, annual event is organized to:

(1) Promote networking and linkages between alumni, partners, GIZ and BMZ India,

(2) Provide platform for partners & alumni to contribute in promoting MGG in India,

(3) Increase visibility of MGG and

(4) Review the transfer of project by the participants of the earlier batches and give opportunity to new participants to learn from the challenges and experiences of earlier ones for preparing their stay in Germany.  

The event in 2012, is planned as a conference which would bring alumni & partners to reflect on the following:

(a) International Cooperation & Global Governance,

(b) Global Security Issues &

(c) Millennium Development Goals.  


The event is being hosted by IIFT.