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Environmental fiscal reforms: Where and How

NEW DELHI20 Sep 2012 to 21 Sep 2012 Click to view details

Venue India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Entry By Invitation only

This conference aims to take forward the existing research on EFR and examine issues of implementation in India on the subject, by providing a platform to bring together experts in the area. 

Issues for discussion

  • Making instruments (like taxes, subsidies etc) work together in a coherent way, to achieve sustainable development
  • Political economy issues related to EFR, implementation challenges faced and conditions needed to create the EFR process
  • Linkages of EFR in practice to national planning
  • Institutional and governance mechanisms needed to support EFR
  • Capacity building gaps and ways to address these gaps

Expected outcome
These issues, which have been raised by various stakeholders, have not been discussed at a common platform. This conference seeks to fill this gap and highlight possible "windows of opportunity" for greening economies by implementing EFR and supporting mechanisms that need to be in place.