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Landscape of Surprise - From Emerging Urbanisms to Emerging Practices

NEW DELHI27 Oct 2012 Click to view details

Venue Casuarina Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Raod, Lodi Estate, Lodi Colony
Opening Time12:00 PM
Entry Free Entry

An open and interdisciplinary workshop on the occasion of "Landscape of Surprise – Opportunities for India's Emerging Urbanisms – Cyberabad", an exhibition by "Landscape of Surprise" creators Peter Gotsch and Susanne Kohte?. It is being supported by Goethe-Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan and the India Habitat Centre. 

The Mission and Vision of the Workshop "Landscape of Surprise: From Emerging Urbanisms to Emerging Practices" is to compare the case of Cyberabad with other experiences of emerging urbanisms from India and internationally (e.g. Gurgaon, Noida, Lavasa, Dholera, but also from China and the Middle East) and to draw conclusions on the effects of contemporary urban transformations for aspects of social, cultural, economic, spatial sustainability.  

How do Emerging Urbanisms shape us? How can we plan Landscapes of Surprise?
India is among the countries leading the global urbanisation front. Its urban population will grow by more then 200 million residents in the next 20 years. In parallel, cities become recognised as complex and self-organised arrangements, producing emergent orders, non-linear outcomes and unforeseen events based on the accumulation of individual acts. Likewise the bulk of transformative activity and innovation occurs at the rapidly growing peripheries of cities, and newly emerging areas allow small interventions to have the greatest leverage towards sustainability and resilience. In this situation the concepts of Emerging Urbanisms and Landscape of Surprise reflect both: the dynamics of self-organisation and the potentiality of urban peripheries.

For that reason, the workshop on "Landscape of Surprise – From Emerging Urbanisms to Emerging Practices" aims to unravel and operationalise the concepts of Emerging Urbanisms and Landscapes of Surprise. Its goal is to initiate new knowledge and innovations on urbanisation trends in India and to contribute towards more equitable, resilient, and sustainable settlements with an improved quality of life for all of its residents - in particular the marginalised segments of the population.

Stakeholders from various disciplines and sectors, research and practice, design and urban management, will reflect the multi-dimensionality and complexity of urban systems in three panels. First, the global and local dimensions of Emerging Urbanisms will be debated. Second, individual transformations will be discussed, leading to a debate on Emerging Urban Practices. How can new urban practices respond to Emerging Urbanisms and Landscapes of Surprise?

This workshop is an unique opportunity to be with local and international urban experts. The invited experts are: 

Mr Liberhan (Director, IHC)
Robin Mallick (Goethe Institute, Max Mueller Bhavan)
AK Jain (President IHS Alumni India)
Peter Gotsch (Curator, Expert International Urbanism, Frankfurt am Main)
Susanne Kohte (Curator, Architect, Switzerland)
Dr. Regina Dube (GIZ, New Delhi)
Sanjay Prakash  (SHiFt, IIHS)
Dr. Arunava Dasgupta (University of Delhi, Delhi Urban Forum)
KT Ravindran (Former Director SPA, New Delhi)
KC Sivaramakrishnan (Centre for Policy Research Delhi)
Dr Marie-Hélène Zérah (Centre de Sciences Humaines)
Ravi Anand the JNAFA University, Hyderabad
Banashree Banerjee, Urban Adviser, HSMI-HUDCO, IHS, New Delhi
Marie-Hélène Zerah , Centre des Sciences Humaines, New Delhi
Tina Pujara (Associate Professor, IIT Roorkee)