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Stories from "What's your German connect?"

Germany introduced me to art and many artists.

One of the artists was me.

- Shrutti Garg, Mumbai-Cologne

I went to Cologne, Germany for an artist residency where I was living in an artist apartment/artist studio and working on my photography projects and ideas. It was extremely inspiring since it is a great city surrounded with Art and being away from home, living by myself with so much time and space is an important experience.

The apartment was in a Gallery and studio house hence I got to meet a lot of nice people and artists working there who I am still in contact with and plan to do many projects with in the near future. This residency was supposed to be for 6 months but I dint think it was enough, there is so much more to see and learn and people to meet. I also needed more time to complete my project, therefore I decided to extend my stay as far as the visa would permit and I managed to for another 4 months with the help of Arts foundation and Cultural institution of NRW.

Being a photographer it was a greatest experience to live there as some of the best photographers and artists have begun their work there. It was really inspiring to be surrounded with such great art. Every art show had so much to offer. I also attended the Dusseldorf academy as a guest student with a Christopher Wiliams an artist from Los Angeles. Attending his lectures made me change a lot in my way of thinking and working. I understood there is so much more to photography. I am still in contact with most of the students and still receive class emails with a lot of information and text to read. In india photography is slowly coming up in the field of fine arts but there it is already way established since years so it was an important experience to grow as an artist, especially in terms of analogue photography. In India traditional methods of films and dark rooms are already dying but there I had access to a lot of analogue photography methods.

We also spoke about learning German. I learnt German 2 months here at the Max Mueller Bhavan and then in cologne for 2 months. The rest I learned through watching a lot of films by German directors like Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Wim Wenders, as also reading a lot of children s books. By the end of 10 months surprisingly for myself, I could understand almost everything in German. I am still watching films to not lose touch with the language. 

After coming back, I am still in contact with a lot of people from there some friends who are going to be visiting this year, some artists with who I am planning future projects. If given the opportunity, I would definitely love to go back as there is still so much more to see and learn there.


Germany and science are two sides of the same coin.

I got to know both the sides.

- Jatinkumar Ashara, Indo-German Training Centre, Mumbai

I am Mr. Jatinkumar Ashara, student at Indo-German Training Centre, Mumbai (Batch 2010-12). I would like to share how German culture, technology and corporations influenced my life before and post my stint at IGTC and B.Braun Medical. My basic qualification is Chemistry and it is no surprise that most of the chemicals we play with in labs like Ammonia, Aniline, Alizarin, Eosin, Indigo, Methylene blue, etc are all from German Chemical giants. These chemicals & dyes have filled our lives with variety of products and colours. Without those our textiles won’t have been so colourful, sufficient agricultural output would not have been possible, speed in automobiles would have been absent.

In simple words, “Life would have been slow & B/W”. So we all need to be thankful to everyone associated with these organizations for their dedication and passion in making- Science for a better and beautiful life.

For me:

“Chemistry enhances lives & ….Germany enhances Chemistry”. 

My faith in the German Dual system of education and interest in working with my dream chemical companies got me at IGTC. It is this faith and training at the centre which has made me stand and contribute to our society. This journey at IGTC has by far been the most successful journey of my life where I have observed tremendous growth and development within. 


I strongly believe in dedication, discipline, efficiency, perseverance, time management and sustainability. As a part of IGTC programme, I took an opportunity to intern with B.Braun, the German Healthcare giant, a 170 years old family owned organization growing strong and prioritising Quality life. The reason for joining B.Braun was their strong culture binding people together, sustainable efforts making them the # 1 “Employer of Germany”- an organization which hired around 1500 people during recession 2008-09. Only Germans can do this, a big leap in valuing people and their skills.

We generally talk about discipline, efficiency and sustainability but practically it is very rarely seen. But at B.Braun it was all visible, the company is disciplined, growing dedicatedly, efficiently with sustainability as its core foundation. During my internship, I started from ground sales execution understanding the basics of the business to finally become a member of a strategic project of the organization.

This was a huge leap making it easy for me to see and relate how the company is emphasising on its core values and building sustainable future. I also interned with HR department on analyzing reports of a survey where our organization stood in Top 100 Great Companies to Work with in India. My work and efforts were well appreciated and recognised by the organisation. Thus, German Cos. are the best companies to work where personal and corporate objectives match providing opportunities from lowest level to the topmost.

What I gained and learned from this stint at B.Braun Medical is what everyone needs to practise- simple thinking, valuing people, perseverance, investments with long term prospects, enhancing efficiency and social & environmental responsibility on the macro part.


To know and speak about any Culture it is very important to understand and love its language. We have learnt A1 level of German and I feel proud saying, Ich liebe Deutschland und die deutsche Sprache (I love Germany and the German language). We all loved and enjoyed German films, Oktoberber fest und Christmas fest. My favourite German song is “wirst du noch da sein”. It is a language one would be keen to learn if he/she likes the German culture. I am very much eager to learn further levels and know more about the language and culture of Germany.

I am thankful to IGTC & B.Braun for giving me this opportunity of lifetime and for providing a platform and exposure to groom myself into the rich culture of Germany and German Corporations.

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