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IndienContact is the leading German business magazine on India published by OWC – Foreign Trade Publishing House. It informs German executives about latest business trends in India as well as about new business opportunities that are provided by this dynamic market. IndienContact is published 6 times a year in German language.


About the Publisher:

Since 1955 the business magazines of the OWC Foreign Trade Publishing House have been providing companies in the German-speaking area with information about the countries in Central and Eastern Europe – and since 1993 about Asia as well. Promoting trade and business the publishing house has forged deep relationships with companies, embassies, foreign chambers of commerce, delegations of industry and commerce, and institutions.

The OWC team consists of journalists and economists both having long experience in foreign trade and profound regional knowledge. They offer information on background and economic trends in order to assist your assessments of markets and corresponding decisions.

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